SCF4 controller supports majority lenses with stepper motors. 3 independent optical axes and Day/Night switch can be manipulated independently and simultaneously.

Instead of conventional X/Y/Z axis names they are renamed to A/B/C. Evaluation board has axes assigned as listed below.

Lens L012-MFZ-2.8Z12-D14 (2.8-12mm)

L012 is 2.8-12mm Zoom/Focus and optional P-Iris lens with no reference points designed for D14-mount cameras. With D14 to CS adapter, any CS-mount camera can accept this lens without need of further modifications.



Flat Flex Cable (FFC) wire definitions and dimensions described below.

Motor specifications

Feature Zoom Focus P-Iris
Full motion range [Steps] 1352 3318 92
Coil resistance [Ohm] 21 21 28.5
Operation voltage [V] 3.5 ~ 5 3.5 ~ 5 2.6 ~ 3.8
Operation frequency [pps] 200 ~ 800 200 ~ 800 200 ~ 800

Lens L051-MZFD-5.4Z96-DIRECT (5-100mm)

L051 5.35-96.3mm Zoom/Focus/P-Iris lens with day/night filter switch is designed for direct PCB mount.

After referencing Zoom and Focus axes and using this information along with in advance calibrated presets precise lens re-configuration is possible without the need to perform auto-focus. This drastically increases the field of view change time and accuracy in complicated situations like low light, vibrations, low contrast or fast-moving scene.


Camera block

Simple DIY lightweight lens / controller / camera stack can form camera block. Parts can be printed with ordinary 3D printer or machined from more durable material.


Motor specifications

Feature Zoom Focus P-Iris
Coil resistance [Ohm] 55 55 55
Max frequency [pps] 1200 1200 1200
Operation voltage [V] 5 5 5
Step angle ┬░deg 18 18 18

Photo interrupter

Manufacturer part number: RPI-222 ROHM

IR filter mechanism

Optional lens filter switch is also called: IRC (Infra Red Cut) and D/N (Day / Night). Usually cut off wave length is 650nm.

Feature D/N filter
Coil resistance [Ohm] 25
Operation voltage [V] 3.6 ~ 5
Rated current [mA] 144 ~ 200
Time of application [ms] 200 ~ 500

Focus / Zoom travel limits and designed focus points