NIR (Near Infra Red) filter is manufactured for C1 and C1 PRO cameras but can be used for all other applications (like astronomy)

Dimensions and mounting diagram

  • Diameter: 19mm
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Wavelength: >850nm


  • One piece of IR pass filter


  • This filter is used to see only INFRARED light

A longpass (LP) Filter is an optical interference or coloured glass filter that attenuates shorter wavelengths and transmits (passes) longer wavelengths over the active range of the target spectrum (ultraviolet, visible, or infrared). Longpass filters, which can have a very sharp slope (referred to as edge filters), are described by the cut-on wavelength at 50 percent of peak transmission. In fluorescence microscopy, longpass filters are frequently utilized in dichroic mirrors and barrier (emission) filters. Use of the older term 'low pass' to describe longpass filters has become uncommon; filters are usually described in terms of wavelength rather than frequency, and a "low pass filter", without qualification, would be understood to be an electronic filter.

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Longpass filter (for C1 and C1 PRO cameras)

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