What is Kurokesu?

What started as a great way to burn my free-time has evolved into a full-time occupation – but from the start Kurokesu has been my passion. Initially I made all the parts and assembled every product myself, from USB cameras and lenses through to precision tools and motion systems. Of course, this took lots of time. Now I am able to focus solely on the engineering side of things, and work with various quality producers around the world. The business side of Kurokesu is also developing. I first started selling my products in late 2015, and spring of 2017 I was able quit my day job and focus 100% on Kurokesu. Today, we supply research facilities at Google, Amazon, MIT, Intel and Bosch. Kurokesu has featured in numerous publications: Makezine, Diyphotography, Petapixel, Flipboard, Hackaday, EEVblog, Dangerousprototypes, Openalpr, 3dscanforum, Mgraves and more. So soon it will be the time to move to the next level.

Future plans

At the end of spring 2017 I was able to quit my day job. This has given me more time to spend working on new ideas and projects. Of course, the next logical step is setting up a company. It happened! Since December of 2017 Kurokesu changed legal status to company. In that way, I could put together a really strong team and we could begin developing and producing some really amazing tools and devices. While I’m not quite ready to take on full-time staff (engineers, programmers, marketing and sales specialists) just yet, it’s clear that stage is not far off. So, if you’re interested in getting on board, feel free to get in touch.


The Kurokesu product range is diverse, to say the least. It includes cameras, lenses and filters, precision instruments, motion systems and DIY kits. What they all have in common is the quality levels and practical application I expect from all my products.

A different approach

I like to think my approach is a bit alternative. I’m not a big fan of startups, crowdfunding platforms or loans, so I’m going to stick to what I’ve been doing so far – funding projects from my own pocket to reach results I can afford. This means I don’t have anyone influencing my decision-making, and I can concentrate on quality and usability. I’m risking my own resources with every project, which is a great incentive for getting things right. Another process I often adopt is to work directly with you (whether you’re a company or a research institution) to make products that meet your exact needs.


With this approach I face many challenges and there are risks around every corner. Probably the biggest are manufacturing hick-ups or wasting too much time on menial tasks. But growing means facing new challenges and taking new risks. And Kurokesu is ready to grow.