Connecting touch probe to Mach3


Untitled2Connecting touch probe to Mach3 is more than simple task. Just connect supplied cable to computer LPT port or breakout board and configure input. I am not sure how about Mach3 original ones, but Tormach has terrible probing scripts, so at the bottom of this post I provide fixed ones.




Electrical wiring

2015-12-30 08.26.40Here is how connection to breakout board looks like. Direct connection to port, no external components needed.





Software configuration

Untitled1In this screenshot you can see configuration window from Config / Ports and Pins. Select Input Signals tab and configure Probe part. For example mine looks like in attached image.





Updated Scripts

Untitled5In order to update button script press Operator / Edit Button Script and click necessary button. Then window with button script will open. Replace script content with provided ones and save. Just in case, don’t forget to backup original ones.

Disclaimer: use on your own risk





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