First batch of touch probe TPA2 is now available


I would like to announce that first batch of touch probe TPA2 is now available on e-shop.

During assembly process I have not noticed anything odd, all probes work as expected.

Things that are different from future batches are:

  • Surface finish. CNC house omitted sandblasting step for current batch. It will be fixed in future batches
  • I could not find any local company which has fiber laser with rotary table, so for now instruments will be unmarked
  • There is a chance that larger dimension shank (custom order) in future will be made of stainless steel instead of tungsten carbide

Comments ( 4 )

  1. BiSi
    Hi, Can you Tell me when the next batch is available?
    • saulius
      Hi BiSi, next batch should be available in a month.
  2. onderozkan
    Hi, congratulations. Nice technologies. As I understood, TPA2 is your design and manufacture (?) How is the data interface (electronical, data packets e.t.c)
    • saulius
      Hi, you are correct. TPA2 uses open/closed circuitry to indicated if it is actuated or resting. Basically it is a switch.

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