C1 camera updates


Finally received firmware configuration tool from Sonix. This enables control over various hidden firmware parameters like denoise, bayer filter, edge enhancement, resolution table, lens shading, dealiasing and many more. While most of these parameters normally should not be touched on general functionality others makes huge sense.

Added serial number

I can now embed unique serial number into each camera. This gives ability to distinguish between multiple connected cameras to single host. Now cameras enumerate as “Kurokesu C1” instead of “USB camera”. Also camera has serial number property like “SNxxxxxx”, and model number is set to unique “KurokesuC1_SNxxxxxx” instead of “292A-IPC-AR0330” accordingly.

iconBug fixes

There were issues with Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. In some conditions (after program is restarted or computer sleep) output might become black picture. There was an only way to fix it by unplugging it from USB port and plugging in again. This is also fixed.

Starting today all shipped cameras will be with new firmware and will be given unique serial number. Camera firmware can’t be updated remotely. If you need recent functionality, camera has to be shipped back.

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