Use of Kurokesu C1 family cameras in NIR spectrum

Usually, an image sensor is more sensitive to near-infrared (NIR) than visible light. For normal home use operation, it is mostly preferred to have NIR spectrum part to be blocked, but for scientific, industrial or biometric applications there are a lot of cases where having unrestricted sensitivity to full spectrum is a huge benefit.

Kurokesu C1 and C1 PRO cameras can be ordered with 3 options (visible only, NIR only, all spectrum). See links below for more details and transmission charts. C1 MICRO is shipped with no filter installed and relies on M12 lens integrated filter.

The industry has countless use cases for NIR spectrum imaging ranging from invisible illumination for the naked eye to highly specific tasks like seeing through pigment colored parts in order for machine vision software to detect and evaluate defects. Here is good demonstration when the camera is used without a filter and multi-spectral flicker-less illumination panel changes emitted light bands and intensity (few narrow NIR bands and VIS).

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