C1 PRO vs C2

Preparing to release new cameras and presenting comparison table. C2 camera is still based on Sonix chip-set and IMX290/1 sensor, but superior in many aspects. Most noticeable cosmetic changes are: size, integrated heat-sink and USB-C connector. However many other new features are hidden inside.

Below is comparison table:

ParameterC1 PROC2
Chipset SN9C292SN9C292
Video format1920×1080 @ 30fps1920×1080 @ 30fps
Compression modesYUYV, MJPEG, h.264YUYV, MJPEG, h.264
Image sensorIMX290/1IMX290/1
Image sensor colorsColorColor / Mono
Dimensions40 x 40 x 23 mm33 x 33 x 24.5 mm
ConnectivityUSB Mini + lock screwsUSB-C + lock screws
Camera PCB designSingle boardDual board mezzanine style.
Available with: USB-C and 6 pin FFC connectors
Camera packageBoxed (with aluminum enclosure)* Boxed (with aluminum enclosure)
* Board camera (with additional heat-sink)
* Split board design (with extender cable)
Low light performanceGoodBetter (test results coming soon)
MicrophonesNoneOptional integrated stereo DMIC
1/4″-20TPI tripod mountIntegrated (bottom)Optional with ArcaSwiss compatible plate.
Can be mounted on any side.
Heat managementGoodEnhanced heat dissipation
Back focal clearance with installed filter3.85mm2.74mm

Comments ( 12 )

  1. skullpin
    Does it support 30 FPS YUYV at 1080?
    • saulius
      Unfortunately USB2.0 is maxes out at 5FPS in YUYV mode at 1080 resolution.
  2. Ray
    Great to see this comparison chart. I am very much looking forward to buying a Kurokesu camera.
    • saulius
      Glad to hear Ray! Actually samples from sample assembly can be already ordered. Documentation is still being prepared though.
  3. Alex
    Why does C2 has still old usb 2.0 standard, as many customers would need usb 3 if they want to use multiple cameras on a USB hub, usb 2 is much to less bandwidth
    • saulius
      Alex, Sonix chipset supports only USB 2.0. Working on other designs, but so far these are not production ready.
  4. Collie
    I've been using my C2 camera for over a month now. We are using it to stream and record online martial arts, exercise, and academic classes. So far, we very satisfied with its performance- the 2.8 to 12mm zoom lens we bought with it offers very good optical performance and a good zoom range. At its widest, its field-of-view is wide enough to cover the teaching area, and when we need to zoom in for tight shots, the 12mm offers plenty of zoom range. The camera's low light performance is very good- it surpasses our Logitech C920. I will post test results and a detailed report of our experiences!
    • saulius
      Thank you Collie! Will be waiting for review!
  5. user330
    Kurokesu, hi! In datasheet of chipset SN9C291B we can se support of 640x480 an 60 FPS (MJPG). What about support of this feature in you cameras? USB2.0 can easy transfer this rate. But, we need firmware support of this mode. It was bee greate update! High FPS (it doesn't matter what is in low resolution) is important in some cases, like a star tracking in telescope guidanse system.
    • saulius
      Hi, unfortunately I was assured by Sonix engineer that SN9C292 support 30fps max no mater what resolution is selected.
  6. user330
    Thank you for the honest answer! It's sad to hear that. It turns out that the Sonix datasheet is lying. The policy of manufacturers of microcircuits for cameras, of course, is depressing :( Nevertheless, could you please provide me firmware.bin for the C1-pro camera, which automatically adjusts the FPS depending on the illumination - i read that you can provide it by email. And again, thanks for your answer!
    • saulius
      Not necessary, in certain configurations sensor and SOC will have limited functionality. Please drop me an email with your order nr and camera SN.

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