Raspberry Pi B 3 is compatible with current enclosure


rpi3Raspberri Pi foundation recently released new credit card sized computer which is named Raspberry Pi B 3. I am glad to see some neat improvements like faster CPU, 64 bit architecture and embedded WiFi. Also good news are that main mechanical properties are left unmodified. See details below what I found after fitting PCBA into existing enclosure.

  1. Connectors and main PCBA dimensions – fits like a glove.
  2. LED’s – relocated to other place. Obstructed by solid aluminum wall.
  3. WiFi antenna – obstructed by solid aluminum. Making a hole will not help much. 1-2 centimeters has to be made of plastic. Though week signal can be detected without any modifications.

There is one unadvertised Raspberry Pi 3 feature it heat’s a lot. That’s where aluminum will help a lot to dissipate excess heat.

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  1. DN
    Any chance of you releasing a redesigned case with updated changes to accommodate a pi 3?
    • saulius
      If there will be larger demand sure I will be making cases dedicated for RPI 3. For now I see one thing to change - it is LED holes location. There is not much can be done about WiFi, because case has to be made of plastic. Aluminum obstricts radio waves and interfers with integrated ceramic antenna, though even in it's current configuration it will not block WiFi signal 100%.
      • saulius
        Hi, if you are still interested in enclosure more oriented to RPi3, please take a look at updated design: http://www.kurokesu.com/shop/diy_kits/KITRPI3F
  2. Edisher
    I personally like revision C instead of F as GPIO is accessible and more mounting options. Probably for some applications revision F is resonable. If you plan to develop another revision my advice to add to revision C following modifications: add led holes to be comparable with RPI 3 as you did it in rev F, add heat shrink for bottom chip, and make access to display and camera ports.
    • saulius
      Hi Edisher, thank you for your ideas. Actually I mostly produce custom orders now - can't fit all needs with one product.

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