Brief open-sourced motorized zoom lens introduction

IMG_5249_r-800x600While working on some computer vision projects I have been missing feature to control zoom / focus remotely. And I am not the one with problem like this. So introducing motorized zoom/focus lens with USB controller. While lens is manufactured by third party vendor, I had to make compact USB controller by myself.

Software is open-sourced under GPL license and initial version is already uploaded to github. Board software for simplicity written on Arduino platform (Atmega328). PC testing software is written in Python (theoretically all platforms Windows/OSX/Linux are supported).

For now couple of quick videos illustrate what can be expected. Can be used with any CS-mount lens including C1 (which is used in this video) and reworked Logitech C920.


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  1. Hongying
    Dear, Can we sent motor control command from an application written in Python or C++ ? Thank you,
    • saulius
      Dear Hongying, sure - I have Python example software to control it.
  2. nicolas
    FYI there's also a node / electron example available:
    • saulius
      Thank you for sharing Nicolas!

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