Kurokesu legal status update

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It has been almost a month since Kurokesu stepped over individual business license and become UAB (similar to LLC or JSC) company. Also Kurokesu is now VAT registered.

So there are some small changes. Base currency is changed to EUR. Two accepted currencies USD and EUR will stay active, prices in USD will be calculated on a daily basis automatically.

Recently I was too busy working on tasks not related to engineering and new product development. So looking for passionate team members to speed up development. I don’t expect this transition to be easy or smooth, I know it will be tough to coordinate everything but hopefully it will lead to greater products and even better experience.

Kurokesu, like in the past, will be mostly dedicated to develop: cameras (global shutter, higher pixel count, specialized ones), motion platforms (better controllers, more precise rotary and new linear stages), measurement instruments (long awaited wireless touch probe, technology update), industrial automation electronics and few other surprises.

I will be always listening to my customer needs – it is You who created Kurokesu like it is now!

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  1. Margus
    Hi, That is great news. Really looking forward to new cameras. Especially some with larger sensors and with on-board hardware encoding (h.264 etc) for live streaming with lower power embedded systems. This field really seems to be uncovered by all USB camera manufacturers. Keep up the good work!

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