Updated C1 PRO x18 motorized camera block

After intensive tests and feedback from actual installations motorized 18x zoom camera block gets some updated. From now on only this version will be shipped.

Updated Kurokesu C1 PRO X18 camera

Updated feature list:

  • New mount plate
    • More stable and secure mechanical design
    • Occupies less space
    • Added new M3 thread mounting features to mount plate
    • FFC cable attached more securely and stays closer to the camera body
    • Both USB connectors relocated to back
  • New controller revision
    • Updated FFC connector for better vibration resistance
    • Both USB connectors at the back
    • Added option to control power to an external device (for example, LED via integrated MOSFET driver)
    • Simultaneous non-conflicting USB and TTL USART control
    • SCF4-EVB is replaced to dedicated controller. Still uses SCF4-M module.

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