18x optical zoom motorized camera kit

Recently released smallest motorized lens controller which could be suitable to drive advanced lenses. And after a few iterations finally, the SCF4 controller is released. It is time to introduce a new camera module C1_PRO_X18.

MK2 updates


  • 5.5~96mm optical zoom (approximately 54.2° to 3.4° horizontal view angle)
  • Motorized Focus, Zoom, Day/Night filter
  • Reference points for precise preset calibration
  • Based on C1 PRO camera
  • 1920×1080 @ 30fps
  • Video compression MJPEG, h.264
  • USB powered
  • Lightweight
  • Open-sourced SDK
  • Lens controller SCF4
  • Can be easily customized
  • Unique camera and controller serial numbers


  • Remote operated vehicles (ROV)
  • Drones
  • Surveillance applications
  • Traffic camera
  • Timelapse installations
  • Computer vision applications
  • AI with vision processing
  • Object tracking
  • Automated inspection applications


  • Length: 89.5mm
  • Width: 42mm
  • Height: 55.8mm
  • Weight: 95g

GUI SDK application demonstration

The short video demonstrates Python PyQt5 program to adjust controller settings. After power-up, the lens has to be calibrated, then earlier set presets can be used to rearrange optical elements and achieve sharp pictures even in hard to focus conditions like dusk, night, vibration, motion blur.

Comments ( 9 )

  1. Aditya_EPICS
    Hi, I'm really interested in this product. For my application, I need to focus on a subject between <1 ft and greater than 15ft. Are there more specifications I can find for this camera? Best, Aditya
    • saulius
      Hi Aditya, normally depending on zoom rate minimal focal distance is 5ft or more, but it can be reduced by extending camera further. I will check this later today and let you know.
    • saulius
      Without camera displacement from 1ft camera works from wide (x1) to mid (~x8) range. Full zoom range is covered from 3ft to infinity. With lens-camera ~6mm spacer it works well in specified distance range. We can also provide complete camera for near focus range. Lets discuss details over email.
  2. Thomas
    Hello, I'm thinking of applying this product in computer vision inspection, onto an autonomous platform where FOV should be around 30x30mm to 250x250mm, Working distance movable around 200-800mm. Do I need any modification to this product(spacer? different camera?), or is the standard version good enough? Many thanks in advance.
    • saulius
      Hello Thomas, Horizontal view area would be: * Theoretical from 200mm: 180mm to 15mm; Actual from 230mm to 70mm (further focus is impossible to to lens construction) * Theoretical from 800mm: 750mm to 45mm; Actual from ~800 to 200mm (further focus is impossible to to lens construction, in some configurations it is possible to achieve 70mm) Unfortunately in narrow view angle configuration minimal focal distance is 1 to 2m. This distance is not linear and you might get sharp focus for example for distances 100-90 and 6-60mm, but everything in a range 60-90mm will be out of focus. Few mm spacer could bring focal point closer, but experiments has to be conducted.
      • Thomas
        Thanks for the reply. I'll purchase a set for testing. Hope there will be at least some settings(focus/zoom/aperture) that can fit into the working distance.
        • saulius
          Awesome! Preparing to ship tomorrow.
  3. ProgramMax
    This looks amazing. I love the programmatic control. That is exactly what I want. Thank you for making this! I bought 3 of your BRIO kits. Is there any chance you will make this C/CS mount? (No camera)
    • saulius
      Glad to hear from you! This particular x18 lens comes only in board mount option, but you can use lenses from Theia (for example tl410), they are CS mount and I have pre-production controller for it.

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