C920 rework kit updates


Recently updated C920 webcam version was released featuring new PCB. These changes introduced two unexpected issues: wiring is different and new PCB has mechanical interference with aluminium rework kit back plate.

Test-point locations

If you rework webcam by yourself, please use pin-out diagram as pictured below to solder wires.

  • TP24 – VCC
  • TP26 – USB D+
  • TP25 – USB D-
  • TP27 – GND

Here is how it looks fully assembled. Feel free to use original shield pad to solder ground wire.

Also looks like new PCB release was rushed, spot mirrored J2 designator.

New component layout

This is bigger issue as existing enclosure interferes with couple SOT23-5 surface mounted parts. No easy solution here, had to spend half a day and run all enclosures through my router to make changes.

Actually took extra step and milled one more feature to fit C930 PCB. Current rework kit batch will have two areas milled without coating. Future batch will have these changes done in CNC house.

Comments ( 12 )

  1. Eyeofthenyte
    I have not gotten into this yet but am considering it. I have a spare C922 and was wondering if it would work in this enclosure as well. Also, since I'm looking into sculpting and miniature painting and would like to get clear close up images with the camera which lens or lenses would you recommend for this endeavor? I know a fair few miniature painters and would love to be able to recommend this stuff to them!
    • saulius
      Hi, glad to hear from you! Recent kits are compatible also with C922 cameras. How big your creations are and from how far would you like to capture them?
  2. Eyeofthenyte
    Weird it didn't seem to go through. So lets try this again. The miniatures are of a 32mm scale for tabletop games (Like Dungeons and Dragons figures) and my sculptures are a little larger than a chicken egg. The shelf that my current c922 is on is above my desk and normally The camera would be approximately 1 foot away from the surface of my desk. perhaps 1.5 feet. If I were to move the arm to something else I could get closer. Thanks for fielding this question!
    • saulius
      Sorry, all comments go through moderation and. WP filter plugin bug. I think 5-50mm lens should be perfect. Feel free to switch to email for faster communication.
  3. Eyeofthenyte
    No worries just thought something errored for me. one last thing for the 5-50mm lens and this kit would the extension ring or different adapter be needed to attach? or is the custom enclosure set up to accept this already?
    • saulius
      No need for extra adapters, lens screws directly as enclosure and lens are CS-mount type.
  4. Andrew61
    I am approaching this solution to quickly acquire macro images in the dental sector. I will use my Canon EOS lenses with adapter for CS-Mount C-Mount + Baader C-Mount adapter on Canon EOS. Hope the best ... :):):)
    • saulius
      Hi Andrew61, glad to hear! How much magnification do you need, I might have better solutions than Canon lenses.
      • Andrew61
        Hi Saulius! I currently use two very good lenses: CANON MACRO EF 100mm 1: 2.8 CANON COMPACT-MACRO EF 50mm 1: 2.5 These offer me great possibilities to vary the magnification.
        • saulius
          While these are great lenses when used with DSLR. For small sensor it can be better to use dedicated lens https://www.kurokesu.com/shop/lenses/L057-C
  5. jet townsend
    Hi, I've soldered a few of these for a friend and half the cameras simply stopped working. They draw power but there's no signal. I'm using lead-free solder and my Hakko is set to 700F. Is it possible I'm frying some of the boards by using too much heat?
    • saulius
      Hi, that's strange. While 700F might be too high for recommended soldering temperature, it should not kill cameras. Did they stop working right after powering on or worked for a while? Are reworked cameras being detected on USB?

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