C2 family cameras

C1 family cameras have been a great success with installations around the world (eyes for underwater and flying drones, scientific process observation flying 408km above the Earth on ISS in a low gravity environment, many universities doing computer vision researches, a few industrial environment installations, and many more) It is time to start introducing new camera family C2.

Some C2 family camera boards

C1 camera family was defined by Sonix chipset allowing onboard h.264 compression.

There will be a huge variety of C2 family cameras, key features we would like to highlight:

  • Modular design
  • Low profile stackable boards
  • Parallel / MIPI CSI-2 / USB2.0 and USB3.0 interfaces
  • MEMS microphone as a separate intermediate board
  • Products available in board level
  • Smaller size only 26x26mm
  • A larger selection of sensors ranging from well-known IMX291 used in C1 PRO camera (to mention a few: 1/2″, 1″, linear scan, thermal, ToF, … more details to be announced later)
Upcoming C2 prototype vs C1 PRO

Comments ( 10 )

  1. Dan Radics
    Neat and great looking product Saulius! For sure it will be also shiny from the technical specs in the inside. I assume that we see the C2 prototype on the left side and the C1 model on the right(?). You might shoot another picture with the right order matching the description (C1 PRO vs upcoming C2 prototype) ;) Keep up your greta work! Greetings from Leipzig, Dan Radics
    • saulius
      Thank you Daniel! Fixed image caption.
  2. Consti10
    Are the C2 cameras going to support h265 encoding ?
    • saulius
      Not planned at the moment
  3. Consti10
    Is h264 encoding going to be improved (higher frame rates / resolutions) or are the improvements mostly on the image sensor side ?
    • saulius
      Current chipset reached limit of its capabilities. We are working to release cameras based on other chipsets, but do not have anything to show yet.
  4. Jules
    The project looks very promising. Is there already a roadmap for the rollout? I would like to use the new cameras for some projects and am getting a bit restless. :)
    • saulius
      Thank you, Jules! Actually C2 cameras are in production now. Expecting samples to be available in ~2 weeks. Feel free to drop me an email to discuss further details.
  5. Ray
    I'm sure many of us are pleased to hear that the C2 will be released soon. As soon as it is released, I'll be ordering. Lower-light sensitivity and an internal microphone will be useful features for us.
    • saulius
      Glad to hear Ray! Actually samples from sample assembly can be already ordered. Documentation is still being prepared and e-store listing is still not public though.

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